Guggenheim Helsinki

Programme : musée

Maîtrise d'Ouvrage : Guggenheim foundation

Localisation : Helsinki, Finland

Coût: N.C.

Surface: m²

Année : 2014

En collaboration avec T.Z.


The green network
            We consider that the public space should and will activate the new urban life of the South Harbour.
Our first operation is to continue the promenade of the central Esplanadi Park along the waterfront on the north side of the site.
The second operation is to realise, on the west side of the site, the connection between the Tahititornin Vuori Park and the future piazza of the museum. The widening of Laivasillankatu’s pedestrian/ bike lane will participate to this operation.

The public activities
The Guggenheim Helsinki will be connected with the site by this promenade and to the Market Hall. It will be the signal of the South Harbour and will be with the Olympia Terminal new transition to the city center.

The visuals cones
The project is located at the intersection of the visuals cones which started from the landmarks buildings like the Uspensky Cathedral, the Helsinki Cathedral and the Pulkoco Observatory.